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We are Nalta.

We are your digital partner in building the perfect, dynamic online platform. We believe that the online world offers great opportunities for every business. It is therefore our mission to boost your goals and support you in every aspect of your digital transformation. From strategy to implementation to infrastructure and operations. That’s what we call #PlatformPerfection

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We translate our partners’ business wishes into concrete solutions. Whether you’re a startup looking for the total package, a company ready to reimagine your digital presence, or an organization revamping one part of your existing platform, we’re here to help. We have the resources and experience to provide your platform infrastructure, building it either on premises or in the cloud. After that, our technical team is equipped to offer everything from software to DevOps to a service desk and more. No two partnerships are alike -- because to us, perfection is personal.

Key Solution

Online Applications

Online applications are often split in front-end and back-end, where the front-end serves as interface, and the back-end orchestrates the data-flows, business logic, and external interactions. Our specialty is building applications where front-end and back-end work together seamlessly, incorporating carefully-selected components and both standard and custom microservices.

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Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud

Cloud is the way forward for creating a flexible, scalable and solid data centre. At Nalta, our architects build infrastructure for the platforms that enable our clients to choose the optimal location for their workloads. Whether a private cloud, public cloud, or combination of both.

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Data Integrations

Data is widely considered one of the most valuable resources for any organisation. But how can a company leverage on that locked-in value? Nalta integrates applications and data using Dell Boomi technology, easy low code development, to achieve fast results.

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About Us

Who We Are

The Nalta team is passionate, creative, and driven. Our colleagues encompass a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experience; but we all share a love for what we do, a desire to work hard, and a sense of humor, too.

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Nalta Explores

In these videos, we explore big ideas related to technology, IT transformation, and software development. Are you curious about smart cities, hyper-converged infrastructure, or front-end frameworks? Would you like to learn about IT events or connect with the community?

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CES 2020 - Nalta Explores 47


Nalta Explains 10 - Boomi & IoT v3

Nalta Explains

In this series, we dig into diverse tech topics and explain them to a wider audience. From agile development to Internet of Things to data protection, we love the tools and concepts we work with, and want to make them accessible and easier to understand.

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Nalta Experience

See some of the examples of digital platforms we’ve built for our clients. Hear first-hand what they love about working with Nalta. See what we can do for you.

Experience with Nalta
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