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Is backup wel GDPR proof?

By Vincent van der Linden on 12-sep-2018 12:02:13

De druk lijkt van de ketel voor de invoer van de algemene gegevensbeschermingsverordening (GDPR). Deze complexe wet lijkt, in sommige elementen, elkaar en andere wetten tegen te spreken. Een van die tegenstellingen is misschien wel het meest beruchte aspect van de GDPR: het recht op wissen (ook bekend als het 'recht om te worden vergeten').

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Enabling the future ready partner

By Roy Mikes on 25-jul-2018 11:00:00

When we look at the contemporary digital landscape we are flooded with new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Machine learning and many more. This is a new digital age what many call the next industrial revolution. While previous industrial eras were powered by steam, coal and electricity, this one is powered by data.

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"What’s missing from IoT” [Part 4]

By Eric Mulder on 17-jul-2018 11:45:00



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“What’s missing from IoT” [Part 3]

By Eric Mulder on 10-jul-2018 11:45:00

In the first and second posts in the series “What’s missing from IoT”, I explored the direction where developers and architects could take the future development of IoT. I made the case for the 'Collaboration of Things'.

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“What’s missing from IoT”  [Part 2]

By Eric Mulder on 4-jul-2018 15:54:19

In the first post in the series “What’s missing from IoT”, I explored the direction where developers and architects could take the future development of IoT. I made the case for the 'Collaboration of Things'.

To enable the Collaboration of Things, additional ingredients must be added to the existing digital nervous system. In today's post I will explore the ingredient of intelligence in more detail.

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What’s missing from IoT ?  [Part 1]

By Eric Mulder on 26-jun-2018 11:45:00

Part 1 in the 4-part “What’s missing from IoT” series

In the next 10 years, the Internet of Things revolution will dramatically alter manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation and other industrial sectors which, together, account for almost two-thirds of the global economy. It will also fundamentally transform how people will work through new interactions between humans and machines.

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Nalta Explores - Boomi Worldtour 2018 London

By Mike Veldhuis on 20-apr-2018 16:53:21

This week we enjoyed two days of networking, insights and fun together with partners, customers and Dell Boomi. London was the location of the first Boomi WorldTour in Europe! The worldtour was a great opportunity to learn from each other on topics like digital transformation, application integration and Internet of Things.


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Nalta Explores - Jan van 't Klooster van Dell EMC over digitale transformatie

By Mike Veldhuis on 3-apr-2018 10:08:09

In deze aflevering van de videoserie 'Nalta Explores' spreken we Jan van 't Klooster van Dell EMC  over digitale transformatie. In een rustige setting bij B Amsterdam, hebben we het over de rol van Jan en Dell EMC in veranderingstrajecten. Hoe gaat Jan om met klanten in verschillende fasen van transformatie. Zien klanten Dell als software fabrikant en transformatie gesprekspartner? Tenslotte wat is de rol van Dell Boomi bij Digitale transformatie trajecten?

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SxSW 2018, een creatief briljante ervaring

By Mike Veldhuis on 27-mrt-2018 17:37:51

Bij de kickoff van het vorig seizoen Dell for Entrepreneurs, volgens goed gebruik in een toprestaurant, was het duidelijk dat we de lat van het programma nog hoger wilden leggen. Na twee succesvolle edities wilden we focussen op een betere stimulering van de connectie tussen startups en corporates. Een mooie doelstelling waar een mooi plan bij hoorde. De Dell for Entrepreneurs major League was geboren!

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Nalta takes SxSW Day 4

By Mike Veldhuis on 14-mrt-2018 14:00:00

A day at SxSW every day should look like, a day without a specific plan. After the previous days fully booked with meetings and events, we liked this welcome change. We spend our time at the expo and discovered cool products and met beautiful people. Finally we wrap-upped the previous four days of SxSW. What a week this was, count us in for next year!


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