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North Sea Port

Harmony IoT platform: more safety, capacity and efficiency

More security, capacity and efficiency: these are the main advantages of the North Sea Port’s intelligent Harmony IoT platform. Harmony is used to streamline vessel registrations to improve revenue, cash flow, port security and operational efficiency, based on Dell Boomi Technology.



The story

Sustainable economic activity

The North Sea Port is a 60-kilometer cross-border port area from Vlissingen on the North Sea coast to Ghent, Belgium, 32 kilometers inland. As a central logistics hub in Europe, multimodality is of paramount importance to North Sea Port. The multitude of different types of goods is also unique.

North Sea Port pushes back frontiers, creates value and has an impact on global trade. Moreover, there is still room for development and growth in the port area. North Sea Port aims at sustainable economic activity with high added value. In this way, the port actively contributes to regional prosperity.


The case


North Sea Port operates three ports in the Netherlands and Belgium and handles some 50,000 cargo ships annually. Until recently this was a time-consuming and error-prone process, as it required visual scanning of the ports and manual input of data into a port management system. The wish arose to streamline registration of docked ships to save costs, increase capacity and improve security. This called for an IoT data source combined with public tracking information sent by ship transponders.






The professionals at Nalta built the Harmony IoT platform using Boomi AtomSphere technology. Thanks to Boomi, it was possible to create a best practice-based, flexible and open data / application architecture. By sending IoT platform data to the port management system and retrieving information from this, data quality and quantity is increased on both sides.

Skippers and the Port Authority benefit from Boomi. For example, skippers can now enter additional data and confirm provided information such as cargo carried, number of crew members and exact location using a smartphone.

  • Short go-to-market period
  • Best-practice IoT platform based on Boomi
  • More turnover
  • More safety in the port

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