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We are Nalta people

Nalta people: a deliberate choice of phrase. Because everything we invent, develop and implement revolves around people. Clients, users, and employees. For and with each other, we develop online platforms for today and for the future. We set the digital transformation in motion, and we help our partners - which is how we see our clients - realize their ambitions. With #PlatformPerfection. And with powerful solutions for the IT challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Who we work for

One of the great things about Nalta: in spite of our company’s relatively compact size - about 40 people - we work for renowned clients: international players, startups, SMEs, and everything in between. For us, the most important thing is whether you really want to work with Nalta. We need you - and you need us. Regardless of whether you want to launch a completely new online platform or are looking for powerful data or IT solutions. We have all the knowledge in-house. We also develop our own platforms, such as digitalAngel, TrackTable and Datumprikker.

What makes Nalta people unique?

Big and small enough

With us, you are not just a ticketing system number. We partner. That means working together, with the same people wherever possible. This creates trust and mutual respect. We are small enough to operate flexibly, yet big enough to take on complex, large-scale projects.

Young professionals and experienced seniors

Knowledge, especially when it comes to IT, is dynamic and changes almost daily. At the same time, experience in our field is invaluable. That is why our team consists of young professionals, often recently graduated, and experienced seniors in the field, with a healthy layer of varied ages in between.

Everything in house

We work for you in Almere or Wateringen. Not the Far East or some other exotic destination – we’re not into outsourcing. We do, however, like short lines of communication. That’s why we have everything we need to execute your project from start to finish in-house.

Drive, passion and energy

Countless companies use these words to describe themselves. However, once you meet Nalta people, you’ll understand what we mean. We dig deeper. Keep asking questions. Always go to extremes. Love and passion for technology runs deep in all of us. That is what really makes the difference.

Solid solutions, innovative technology

At Nalta, we always aim for the best result. Regardless of the nature or size of the challenge. Our professionals the same passion and energy in reliable IT infrastructure and front-end software projects as they do in developing innovative online platforms.

Main contractor and director

We carry out projects under our own management. That means you have one single point of contact and generally work with the same people. Sometimes, we also act as main contractor, such as in the case of Blue Force Tracking. In this case, third parties are involved, such as a sensor supplier. However, Nalta remains your point of contact.

Meet the Nalta people

Not all at once - that would be a bit much. But we’d like to introduce you to a few Nalta people.

Why we work with Nalta

"Nalta is not actually a family business, but it does feel that way when you work here. You can tell that by how long people stay, for example. Employee turnover is minimal, simply because the atmosphere here is great. You have a say in your projects and you can really make a difference. Moreover, we work on great projects for internationally renowned clients. I really like that."

Anton Tijdens Technical Solution Architect
At Nalta, you get to work on truly challenging projects
Nalta works for and with attractive international clients
Working at Nalta feels like working in a family business
Nalta offers excellent growth opportunities
We have an unparalleled passion for technology
Nalta has a non-hierarchical organizational structure and short lines of communication

Want to work with us?

Are you a developer, project manager, or service desk employee? Or do you have other ambitions in the areas of IT transformation, software development, data integration, data centers, IT security or IT operations? Do you enjoy working in a close-knit team?


We'd like to hear from you

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities for your company or organization? Please get in touch with us for an informal meeting.



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