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Blog: The Platform, part 2 The essentials of your digital foundation

‘Prepare for the intelligent future’

The Platform explores one specific topic in four podcasts and blog posts; valuable content, served as a bite size snacks. We kick off with "Prepare for the intelligent future", a subject that many companies (should) be working on. What is data and how does it advance a company? During the podcasts, Mike Veldhuis of Nalta and Michael J. Morton, VP of Dell Technologies Strategy & Development, go in search of answers together. Episode 2: The essentials of your digital foundation.

Value from your data

The day-to-day business of companies largely consists of generating data. It is important for any company to be able to make decisions based on that data. But what if you as a company are not or insufficiently equipped for this? This transformation is currently affecting many companies. The question is what you as a company are going to do with all the collected data; how are you going to filter and drive value from all data?

It is important to stick to the questions we discussed in Part 1 "Planet Data". Then look for how you can link this data to the objectives of your company and investigate how you can derive value from it.

Golden future

With that knowledge alone you’re not there yet. The answers to these questions are of little value if the organization of your company does not have a digital culture. Moreover, you must also be able to discover the value of your data and recognize it as such. Maybe you are on your way to a golden future but you don't even realize it. You can only put so much technology and knowledge against a problem, without the right digital culture and leadership that will yield little.

Establishing the foundation of your digital culture is therefore your first step. Knowing what you are talking about. Gaining knowledge, reading articles, attending conferences, talking to your customers. And ask a lot of questions. What makes data? Who is the owner, are we using the right platform, are we employing the right people? You may gradually discover that your company does not meet many requirements.


Create momentum

The transformation to a digital culture is not an easy process. Often there are several problems. It is important to start small. Assemble a small team, focus on one problem and tackle any obstacles you encounter as quickly as possible. This is how you create momentum.

The transformation to a data-driven organization also has consequences for your IT infrastructure and your IT employees. Within an organization-wide digital culture, IT is much more than updating and keeping hardware and software in order. Data that is obtained via an IT infrastructure has an important meaning for the decisions you make as a company. This also changes the role of IT. The CIO of your company can be of great importance here. IT has been breathing the digital culture for much longer. Use that passion! Especially when it comes to involving your employees in the transformation to a digital culture.

Next time we will talk about how a company can set up a business intelligence strategy

Would you like to listen to the podcast? You can find the second episode here.