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digitalAngel - Connect, Care & Share - IoT in Healthcare

As an independent guide and enabler digitalAngel connects the healthcare ecosystem to improve insight and well-being, to address the challenges of aging societies and rising healthcare costs.


The businesscase

digitalAngel wanted to establish a platform to provide a secure, standardized and scalable IoT environment to connect sensors from different manufacturers to a user-friendly app. Using big data, business intelligence and smart business rules to improve the quality of healthcare while lowering overall cost.

digitalAngel's requirements:

    • a secure, scalable and open platform
    • standardized IoT environment
    • any sensor any location
    • user friendly apps 

Why Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi enabled us to standardize the connections between applications and data-sources. With Boomi we could develop a scalable platform and securing interoperability with all current and future partners involved.


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Pressrelease digitalAngel

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The solution

digitalAngel engaged Nalta to design and build this innovative Internet of Things healthcare platform. 

Nalta architected and deployed a secure and scalable solution centered around Dell Boomi Technology. Connecting any sensor, application or cloud-platform while delivering valuable insights and actionable alarms.

What did Nalta deliver:

  • platform was delivered within 9 months timeframe
  • end-to-end solution (design, build, operate)
    • cloud services
    • Internet of Things
    • azure software development
    • mobile application development
    • Salesforce integration
    • Boomi - iPaas
  • fully cloud-based

Nalta Explores 20 - digitalAngel

Nalta Explores 20 - digitalAngel



Download the case study.

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