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Nalta Explores Startup CES 2019

What a great way to start the new year, traveling to Las Vegas and attend CES 2019. My third year exploring this great event, the biggest show worldwide with 155.000 attendees. I had an in depth conversation with Olga Afanasyeva executive director of the UVCA. We talked about startups and why it is great value to go to the CES.

Nalta Explores 31 - Startup CES 2019

Many years ago the CES organisation started with supporting startups at their show. In the beginning as a small community which grew out to be a platform where 1200+ startups present themselves to the world. Nalta / Datumprikker attended the show in 2017 and ever since we have been coming back to get inspired, network and share our ideas.

This new style Nalta Explores takes you to the world of CES 2019 and shares our passion for innovative businesses from all around the world. What do you think of startups? Are they helping your business? How do you stay innovative?

Have a great time watching this new episode of Nalta Explores.

Mike Veldhuis