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on oktober 09, 2019 nalta explores

Nalta Explores 43 - Boomi World 2019

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Interviews and insights from Boomi World 2019 in Washington DC. What are the core functionalities of Boomi, what is the future of the Boomi platform and some very cool use-cases by international Boomi partners. Partners just like Nalta leveraging the power of the Boomi platform. It was great to be at this third Boomi World. I learnt so many new things and met so many great new people. Next year the event will be in San Francisco, I highly recommend going there

Nalta Explores 43 - Boomi World 2019


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Mike Veldhuis

Director of Sales and Marketing at Nalta Group. Mike Veldhuis is a practically minded, creative problem solver, who’s at his best when confronted with a major challenge. He has a talent for turning complicated issues into clear projects. As a partner at the Nalta Group, he focuses on marketing & sales. In this, he’s driven by two passions: IT and innovative entrepreneurship. He firmly believes that, although IT is a technical field, to develop the best solutions you have to look at the business side of every issue. His colleagues regard Mike as the key figure. He’s a born team player and believes in close co-operation with employees and customers. He’s not one to blindly embrace the latest hype or trend. In his view, flexibility is essential in the IT world. A world in which change is an absolute constant. With a background in business economics, Mike started his career in the early nineties as an IT consultant. He founded Nalta with Ralph Biesbrouck and Geert Merkelbach.