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on augustus 15, 2019 internet of things digitalangel news

digitalAngel versnelt adoptie zorgplatform met overname door Nalta

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Per 1 augustus is digitalAngel volledig onderdeel geworden van Nalta. Nalta was reeds als IT-serviceprovider verantwoordelijk voor het IT Platform van digitalAngel, Medux was hiervoor eigenaar. Focus en een versnelling van de ontwikkeling van digitalAngel is de belangrijkste reden voor deze stap. Aan de huidige partnerships van digitalAngel wijzigt niets. Harting-Bank blijft voor digitalAngel de belangrijkste partner in de intramurale markt. Voor Medux - waar Harting-Bank onderdeel van is - is het kunnen aanbieden van digitale proposities met o.a. slimme producten één van de kernpunten van de strategie en een belangrijk middel om bij te kunnen dragen aan de betaalbaarheid van de zorg.

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digitalAngel - Connect, Care & Share - IoT in Healthcare


Over digitalAngel
Goede zorg en een hoge kwaliteit van leven gaat ons allemaal aan het hart. Wij vinden het ontzettend belangrijk dat zorg en welzijn bereikbaar en betaalbaar is en blíjft voor iedereen, maar het is wel een uitdaging om hiervoor te zorgen. Of je nu cliënt, verzorger, zorgmanager, wetenschapper, producent, verzekeraar of consument bent… digitalAngel verbindt iedereen - alle vragen, behoeften en initiatieven.

Meer informatie: https://www.nalta.com/digitalangel
Contact: https://www.digitalangel.eu


digitalAngel expands healthcare-platform under new Nalta ownership
As of August 1st, Nalta has taken on full ownership of digitalAngel. As an IT service provider, Nalta was already responsible for the development of digitalAngel’s IT platform, of which Medux was the owner. The shift in ownership from Medux to Nalta is a result of a renewed focus on the acceleration of the digitalAngel platform. digitalAngel’s partnerships will remain unchanged, and Harting-Bank remains digitalAngel’s most important partner in the market for care institutions. For Medux — of which Harting-Bank is a part — being able to offer digital solutions, including smart products, is a key point of strategy, and an important means of contributing to the affordability of healthcare.

About digitalAngel
Excellent care and a high quality of life are a matter of concern for everyone. We believe it is extremely important that care and well-being are accessible and affordable, and remain so, for everyone. Whether you are a client, care professional, care manager, scientist, producer, health insurer or a consumer. By exchanging our knowledge and experiences, we can get a grip on enjoying our lives and having affordable care.

More info: https://www.nalta.com/digitalangel
Contact: https://www.digitalangel.eu

Mike Veldhuis

Director of Sales and Marketing at Nalta Group. Mike Veldhuis is a practically minded, creative problem solver, who’s at his best when confronted with a major challenge. He has a talent for turning complicated issues into clear projects. As a partner at the Nalta Group, he focuses on marketing & sales. In this, he’s driven by two passions: IT and innovative entrepreneurship. He firmly believes that, although IT is a technical field, to develop the best solutions you have to look at the business side of every issue. His colleagues regard Mike as the key figure. He’s a born team player and believes in close co-operation with employees and customers. He’s not one to blindly embrace the latest hype or trend. In his view, flexibility is essential in the IT world. A world in which change is an absolute constant. With a background in business economics, Mike started his career in the early nineties as an IT consultant. He founded Nalta with Ralph Biesbrouck and Geert Merkelbach.