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"What’s missing from IoT” [Part 4]

By Eric Mulder on 17-jul-2018 11:45:00



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New Naltarecords release: Airtime - Internet of People

By Mike Veldhuis on 13-jul-2018 11:30:08

The 2nd of October will be the big day. An exciting event organized by Nalta.com together with our partners Dell Boomi, Dell EMC, digitalAngel and others, and the release of the new album by Airtime, Internet of People.

Pre registration event: link

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Volkskant interviewt Nalta.com, innnovatie in de zorg

By Mike Veldhuis on 11-jul-2018 12:00:00

In de Volkskant van 11 juli 2018 wordt uitgebreid stilgestaan bij IT in de zorg. Bijzondere aandacht gaat uit naar het digitalAngel IoT zorgplatform dat door Nalta.com is gebouwd. Peter de Lange (digitalAngel) en  Mike Veldhuis (Nalta.com) staan stil bij innovatie in de zorg en welke rol software-ontwikkeling hierin speelt. Hieronder het volledige artikel.

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“What’s missing from IoT” [Part 3]

By Eric Mulder on 10-jul-2018 11:45:00

In the first and second posts in the series “What’s missing from IoT”, I explored the direction where developers and architects could take the future development of IoT. I made the case for the 'Collaboration of Things'.

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“What’s missing from IoT”  [Part 2]

By Eric Mulder on 4-jul-2018 15:54:19

In the first post in the series “What’s missing from IoT”, I explored the direction where developers and architects could take the future development of IoT. I made the case for the 'Collaboration of Things'.

To enable the Collaboration of Things, additional ingredients must be added to the existing digital nervous system. In today's post I will explore the ingredient of intelligence in more detail.

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What’s missing from IoT ?  [Part 1]

By Eric Mulder on 26-jun-2018 11:45:00

Part 1 in the 4-part “What’s missing from IoT” series

In the next 10 years, the Internet of Things revolution will dramatically alter manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation and other industrial sectors which, together, account for almost two-thirds of the global economy. It will also fundamentally transform how people will work through new interactions between humans and machines.

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Nalta Explores 4 - Perry Correll (Aerohive) on Wifi and Business

By Mike Veldhuis on 15-mei-2018 17:19:26

This morning I spoke with Perry Correll who is Director Product Management at Aerohive. Aerohive is one of the leading companies in the Wireless Networking business. As Enterprise Wireless Networking is becoming more commodity, how is Aerohive adding more value to their products?


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Nalta Explores 3 - Dell Technologies World 2018

By Mike Veldhuis on 3-mei-2018 20:31:59

Dell Technologies World in las Vegas ended with the Dell EMC Customer appreciation event. Sting, a famous UK singer songwriter, live on stage in front of 14000 people. What an exciting way to conclude this inspiring week.


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Nalta Explores - Boomi Worldtour 2018 London

By Mike Veldhuis on 20-apr-2018 16:53:21

This week we enjoyed two days of networking, insights and fun together with partners, customers and Dell Boomi. London was the location of the first Boomi WorldTour in Europe! The worldtour was a great opportunity to learn from each other on topics like digital transformation, application integration and Internet of Things.


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"What the heck have squids to do with IoT"

By Eric Mulder on 30-nov-2017 17:13:14

No, we're not talking about Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices [SQUID's], the ultra sensitive magnetometers used to measure subtle magnetic fields, based on superconducting loops containing Josephson junctions. We're talking about the cephalopods of the order Teuthida, short Squid, known to most people as seafood. Or we may know them from myths and legends or horror movies in which they star as monsters of the deep.

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