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Internet of People

A new and inspired album by Airtime

Releasedate September 6th 2018

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Artwork and Photography by Akane Kikuchi
Airtime, the band featuring Tim van Kester and Erwin van Kester, have announced that their much anticipated new album will arrive on Sept. 6. The album will be available on vinyl on the 2nd of October.
6 brand new tracks

What's that exactly
Internet of People





Vinyl Internet of People available!

The vinyl version of the Album 'Internet of People' is available at the Concerto record store in Amsterdam.

A limited series of the new album of Airtime. A 180 grams Vinyl edition newly mastered for this special analog version of the album.

Link: Internet of People Vinyl @Concerto

Link: Music on Data @Concerto



The Mother of All Demoes

Today 12/9/2019, exactly 50 years ago, Douglas Engelbart gave to most influential computer demo of all time.

During this demo Mr. Engelbart showed the future of computing we all find normal today. He showed the mouse, the text editor, a way of working with 'Windows' and the use of hypertext. This 90 minutes demonstration was truly the Mother of All Demoes.

MOAD - Airtime & Pieterson

Song composed by Airtime & Pieterson for the album 'Music on Data' 

MOAD is an ode to Douglas Engelbart and his groundbreaking work in the field of computerscience. With his clear vision of the IT future he paved way for many of the technologies we are working with at this day and age. The song is inspired by the Mother of All Demoes Mr. Engelbart presented in 1968, 50 years ago.

Wikipage Douglas Engelbart

Wikipage Mother of All Demoes 

Podcast: The making of the Album Internet of People

First episode of our Podcast series at Nalta.com. We share the story of the record we created for our Nalta Explores Internet of Things event. Our guests Tim and Erwin of the band Airtime share all details of the creating of the album 'Internet of People'. Akane Kikuchi tells about the creation of the artwork. Host: Mike Veldhuis

Podcast is also available on

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Het duo Airtime laat weer van zich horen met de opvolger van het unieke conceptalbum dat in 2016 werd uitgebracht. Op Internet Of People liet het duo zich wederom inspireren door de digitale wereld van data en IT, maar de broers hebben het ditmaal zonder de analoge invloeden van Jan Willem Pieterson moeten doen. Of dat ook is gelukt? Full Review: Link

Bron: www.hifi.nl


Airtime & Pieterson - Music on Data

Music on Data was released at the Nalta Protecting the Data-lifecycle event in June 2016. Part of the experience and a way to translate the digital topic of the event in an analog way. The Music on Data experience is available online and on vinyl. The album received great press reviews and was highlighted during an hour long broadcast on Dutch public radio NPO Soul and Jazz.

Review on Dutch website hifi.nl: Link

Buy online, Concerto recordstore Vinyl: Link


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