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Meet the Team

The Nalta team is passionate, creative, and driven. Our colleagues encompass a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experience; but we all share a love for what we do, a desire to work hard, and a sense of humor, too.

Why we love working at Nalta...

Nalta team members love the projects we work on. Take a look at what some of our colleagues have to say about the work they're proud of.

“I was the front-end developer and client contact for PORTS, or Performance Optimization Realized Through Sharing. PORTS is a web application that lets harbors share their data with each other, allowing them to learn from one another and see what causes the best results. What I most enjoyed about this project was communicating with the client about their wishes, and then translating those into a technical reality. I also liked growing alongside my colleagues; to me, communication is just as important as technical ability, and it’s great to see that we can help each other grow in both soft and hard skills. Together we were able to reach our goal, be happy with the end result, and present it to the client with a smile.”

Stefan Streur

Front-end Developer at Nalta

“digitalAngel is a platform that uses smart devices, like smart beds or smart wheelchairs, to improve quality of life and lower cost of care. My role is communicating with digitalAngel about new features; then, with the development team, determining how much time it will take to implement those changes, and ensuring that the functionality is built and delivered to the client. I enjoy the many diverse facets of this project, from IOT smart devices, to Azure, to back-end logic and the front-end interface. Now we’re moving towards microservices to make the project more efficient, which brings its own fun challenges and opportunities. I also like that we have so much freedom in how we deliver the technical side of the project; in my own professional background I was often constricted by the specific technical constraints of the client, but digitalAngel gives us the flexibility to make core technical decisions. This gives us the opportunity to try new things and improve technically, which benefits the customer, as well.”

Martijn Beenes

Developer Lead at Nalta

“I’ve been a part of the Nalta - Dell Services team for almost 10 years, helping Dell’s EMC solution architects and EMC services sales with pre-sales support. Our goal is to help end users with the entire project lifecycle, from pre-installation to maintenance support tailored to their unique needs and requirements. Working with specialists, both from Dell EMC and Nalta, and combining their input and experiences to make interactive customer sessions is exciting and gives me a lot of energy. The best part of the job, though, is seeing consultants implement the resulting vision, and witnessing the appreciation of the customer after we’ve successfully delivered the project.”

Anton Tijdens

Sales Consultant at Nalta

“Soon after coming to Nalta, I began working on a client’s migration to Azure and Office 365. Our task was to migrate the environment and equip the systems engineer with information on Azure, Office 365, and the new features they provided. My role was configuring the tenant, creating a hybrid configuration on-premise, and migrating users. I also implemented automation tasks so that all users were automatically assigned Office 365 licenses, and created a server for multi-device authentification. I love explaining how Azure and Office 365 work, and lose track of time when talking about cloud projects, so I really enjoyed talking to the customer about their requirements and which features were needed versus nice to have. My favorite part of this project was taking the customer’s wishes, building the new environment, and seeing the end results. It’s very exciting to see the results of every step in this migration.”

Dion Beertsen

Systems Engineer at Nalta

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