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Data & Application Integration

The switch to cloud computing is having a radical impact on the ever changing IT landscape. As companies move their data and applications to the cloud, one of the largest roadblocks they encounter is integration. Integration is the core of connecting people, systems, and partners; promoting agility; and accelerating your growth.

At Nalta we design and build integration solutions that connect everything and everyone. Tailored to your specific needs by using a Gartner winning product like Dell Boomi or custom integration. We quickly deliver future-proof implementations and offer you the support you need. Are you struggling with data integration? Let us know how we can help.

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No trend in the world of IT has had more impact on businesses than the move to cloud computing. From enterprise applications like Salesforce, to infrastructure platforms like Amazon EC2, to social media services like Facebook and Twitter, the cloud is changing the IT landscape. However, as companies move their applications en masse to the cloud, they are hitting a major roadblock for success — namely, integration.

Many of these organizations have spent the last two decades integrating their enterprise applications to break down silos of information, they are now seeing a renewed problem of "cloud silos” and facing the dark side of SaaS. With little to no barrier of entry in adopting SaaS, companies are deploying numerous SaaS applications, often without central IT involvement, resulting in hundreds of applications and services in the ecosystem, all siloed off and unable to communicate seamlessly with one another.

Integration across the enterprise is becoming a huge challenge for not only business end-users but also for providers of SaaS and cloud services. To address this new set of integration problems, a new category of cloud integration solutions is emerging called integration platform as a service.

Dell Boomi is the first, and market-leading, application and data integration platform built in the cloud, automates business processes and provides real-time visibility to enterprise information so people can make faster, more informed business decisions.

Dell Boomi AtomSphere is an enterprise-class integration platform, with high-end capabilities without the complexity. AtomSphere delivers capabilities such as content-based routing, business rules, process flow control, exception handling, and messaging (a communication protocol used to connect multiple applications at one time) that take you well beyond just data mapping.
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